How spectacular would your life be if you stopped questioning your every move and started doing the things you talk about now instead of later?

Now instead of later is my speciality.

I’m Audrey Holst. I help people like you tap into their resilience and agility to create a life, and vision, that makes a difference –– right now.

You see how the world is, you want to fix it so badly, but you’re not sure that you have what it takes. I totally get that. Really. There’s a lot of stuff bubbling underneath the surface, and it doesn’t know where to go. When you look at the state of the world, it feels like declaring your truth is just going to be like shouting into the void. (And does the void bite?) It can be nerve wracking wanting to do something you secretly think might be impossible, and to be somewhere that you aren’t.

You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You just need to show up and be heard.

I see your real goals.

You don’t need to take more meditation retreats. You don’t need a more consistent gratitude practice. You don’t need to heal every wound that society has given you. You don’t need to learn how to manage your time or have a bullet journal. You simply need the desire to be fully you, to count on yourself, to trust yourself, to make a difference and impact others.

I know how to work with you in all different phases of your journey. And I don’t fit my clients into any sort of mold. My years of experience teaching yoga and facilitating group meditation give me the presence, patience, and acute awareness to not only meet you where you are, but help guide you to where you want to be in the unique way that you deserve. My certification with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as a Certified Professional Coach gives me a wide range of skills to speak your specific language.

Are you a person that processes information through their body? I can translate somatically.

Like to geek out with wordplay and metaphors? I’m happy to row that boat.

And if one approach doesn’t quite resonate with you, I change it. Simple as that.

Together, we’ll build your resilience against the inner and outer critics, create an inspired action plan, and take the first steps on the journey toward the life you really want.

No more waiting. No more “next year.” No more “one day.” It’s time to start, right now.

Book a free consult with me so we can explore your vision for the future. We’ll hop on the phone and have a quick chat to figure out what’s working and what’s not, then we’ll make a game plan to overthrow the status quo.

I’m psyched just thinking about it!