How spectacular would your life be if you stopped worrying about getting everything perfect and could finally live the life you truly want to live?

I’m Audrey Holst. Rewiring perfectionism is my specialty. 

You see how the world is slowly devolving into a dumpster fire, you’ve got ideas on how to fight that, but you’re also SO tired of being the one that takes on all the responsibility. I totally get that. Really. It can be frustrating to simultaneously want to get along with your co-workers and neighbors and also want to say a big fuck you to toxic culture. It can be difficult to want to set a boundary without dealing with the backlash. And are you even setting the boundary right? You probably pride yourself on the fact that you’ve weathered some pretty radical storms but seriously, it would be great to be able to enjoy a sunny and relaxing day for once.

You don’t have to explain yourself to me. You just need to show up and be heard.

I see your real goals.

You don’t need to read more self-help books. You don’t need to meditate for an hour a day. You don’t need to heal every wound that society has given you (and I’m sorry about those, by the way. Society can be truly cruel). You don’t need to learn how to manage your time better or journal every deep dark secret. You simply need the desire to be fully you, to count on yourself, to trust yourself, to make a difference, and impact others.

I know how to work with you in all different phases of your journey. And I don’t fit my clients into any sort of mold. I have over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with deep knowledge of the nervous system and extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I believe productivity and perfectionism are false paths to success and you are capable of creating a life, that runs harmoniously with your own personal operating system. I have the presence, patience, and acute awareness to not only meet you where you are, but help guide you to where you want to be in the unique way that you deserve.

Are you a person that processes information through their body? I can translate somatically.

Like to geek out with wordplay and metaphors? I’m happy to row that boat.

And if one approach doesn’t quite resonate with you, I change it. Simple as that.

Together, we’ll build your resilience against the inner and outer critics, create an inspired action plan, and take the first steps on the journey toward the life you really want.

No more waiting. No more “next year.” No more “one day.” It’s time to start, right now.

Book a free F.L.O.W. Assessment with me so we can explore your vision for the future. We’ll hop on the phone and have a quick chat to figure out what’s working and what’s not, then we’ll make a game plan to overthrow the status quo.

I’m psyched just thinking about it!

Audrey Holst is the founder of the Fortitude & Flow® Process which fuses movement and mindfulness to create sustainable action. Audrey has 16 years of training practicing yoga, functional movement, and meditation as well as 14 years of experience teaching therapeutic hatha yoga as a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. She graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2014 and has worked with groups and individuals for the past 6 years as a Certified Professional Coach. She’s an interpersonal meditation trained facilitator and continues to hone her skills to benefit individuals and groups.


Audrey’s upcoming book, You’re Not Perfect — And Here’s How to Deal With That, goes beyond mindset and teaches people how to connect to the unique essence of who they are. She leads a virtual membership collective called Renew, which prioritizes healing, rest, self-care, and community. Her 1:1 work with clients in Emerge reconnect and heal their relationships with their Operating Systems through intensive support and custom-designed practices.


Audrey’s work pushes back on the spiritual bypassing and mindset-is-everything narrative that is rampant in the coaching and wellness industry. Perfectionism is a manufactured distraction designed to keep people from reclaiming their energy and agency while upholding Systems of Oppression. It’s time for something new.