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I have over a decade of experience with individual and group experiences and the interactive nature of what I do engages audiences in a unique and transformative way.

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Fortitude & Flow®
We’ve been conditioned to see and fix, see and react, and see and perfect it. This habitual way of functioning creates chronic stress loops in our bodies as individuals and in our collective experience. It’s time to try a radically different approach, one that embraces and celebrates imperfection.

  • Step 1: Notice – What do you know? Gather information through The Noticing Practice.
  • Step 2: Discern – What’s yours? Address what is yours to address, let go of what isn’t yours, and allow others to exercise their own sovereignty. 
  • Step 3: Act – What’s the action? Taking small, doable, and sustainable steps relieves pressure and gently retrains survival mechanisms. 
  • Step 4: Integrate – Who are you now? Allowing your capacity and any change that has become a new habit to settle in instead of rushing to the next thing is revolutionary.

You’re Not Perfect – And Let’s Talk About How to Deal With That
Perfectionism is a survival tactic. It disconnects you from your body and tells you the key to your happiness is outside of you. That’s the opposite of the truth. Perfectionism may have gotten you where you are, but it’s not going to get you where you want to go. Let’s talk about that.

  • Perfectionism orientation puts you in touch with the socially constructed world outside of you, and disconnects you from your own unique Operating System.
  • Understanding the difference between Social Systems and your Operating System puts you at choice.
  • Reconnecting to your Operating System through the Fortitude & Flow Process puts you back in control.
  • Reducing urgency, slowing down, and understanding priority shifts paradigms.

Renew: Build Resilience in Four Imperfect Yet Sustainable Steps
Difficult circumstances and challenges affect everyone in different ways. What makes the difference between creating resilience versus experiencing further stress and burnout from facing adversity? The ability to shift our values away from status quo functioning. Slow down, notice, discern, and integrate.

  • Slowing down and moving at the pace of the body allows you to make conscious and informed decisions.
  • Learn how to notice instead of reacting out of urgency.
  • Discerning past from present, what’s yours from others, and what actually matters reduces the stress load.
  • Integration, rest, and resourcing creates lasting change.

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I love talking and teaching about transforming perfectionism and burnout through the Fortitude & Flow® process. I’m available for virtual and in-person speaking engagements, workshops, and interviews. Please fill out the form below with your information and I look forward to connecting with you. Scroll down for more information and examples of my work.

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Disrupting Balance with Hanifa Barnes

“If you want real strategies on mindfulness and creating predictability during Covid-19, then you have to listen to Audrey’s story! She has always blazed her own path even when she appeared to be the ‘odd woman’ out! Don’t believe me? Listen to hear about her tattoos that required a 3-hour sitting and her book that was nine years in the making!

But there is so much more! Tune in to learn about her journey to self-care and embracing her realization that balance is a moving target that requires constant adjustment.” Click here to tune in.

The Brave Files with Heather Vickery

Through a life of trial and error, she has learned to make brave decisions and pivot when life’s plans start to fall apart. Fortitude, defined as courage in pain or adversity, is certainly what Audrey is all about.

Audrey explains how her journey through career changes was full of ‘brave making’ moments. These moments, she suggests, are often found in failure. Remarkably, they can often be overcome with the support of community and through the collective sense of safety. This is a priceless bit of knowledge to possess right now, as we all redefine what community and support look like! This episode also offers listeners tips on facing fear and serving others while finding ourselves.” Click here to tune in.

Going There with Jen Vertanen

“ALL of us have experienced burnout at one time or another but society has told us to keep going, produce more, be FINE when we are in fact, not very fine at all. In this episode, Audrey shares warning signs that burnout is either nipping at your heals or full on wreaking havoc on your nervous system AND ways to help you through the burnout.

Don’t think you have burnout? I dare you to listen in and learn how burnout may be showing up in your life in sneaky ways. Are you ready to go there?” Click here to tune in.

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Audrey Holst helps people reform their perfectionism to create a life that makes a difference. Her work uses a combination of mindfulness and neuroscience tools and combines over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with deep knowledge of the nervous system and extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Through her Fortitude & Flow® Process, Audrey guides individuals and groups through a holistic experience to shift the way they approach themselves and the things that matter to them – for good.

Audrey’s upcoming book You’re Not Perfect — And Here’s How to Deal With That teaches people how to tap into their unique Operating System to un-velcro from the status quo and reclaim their agency. She leads a virtual membership collective that works with the lunar calendar called Renew, which prioritizes healing, rest, self-care, and community. Her 1:1 work with clients in Emerge reconnect and heal their relationships with their Operating Systems through intensive support and custom-designs practices.

Audrey’s work is built on the premise that perfection and productivity are manufactured distractions designed to steer people away from living the life they really want. She believes everyone has the ability to connect to their inner Fortitude through the wisdom of their nervous system and the resilience of their unique Operating System. When people connect to their Fortitude, they tap into aligned Flow.

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