People say the nicest things…

“Audrey is rare. Like supernova rare. She has this uncanny ability to be deeply present with whatever and wherever you are and put you immediately at ease with both her and with yourself. This innate ability makes deep shifts possible. I worked with her for over a year. She has this simple and accessible way of approaching problems (and solutions) that is so full of grace and intelligence that change feels quiet and, well, fortifying. It was not fast. It was not easy. But I emerged out the other side at ease with imperfection and clear in some deep and abiding truths that will carry me and hold me for the rest of my life. Audrey is not just a coach. She is an intuitive leader, guide and partner in helping her clients connect with how to notice, understand, and maximize their own unique operating systems. Hire her and trust the process. She’s got you.”

Illana Burk

CEO & Founder at Your Life's Workshop

“The way Audrey’s brain works absolutely fascinates me. Every time I talk to her I come away feeling so much more clear headed, grounded, and generally better about life — not to mention stocked up with creative answers to questions I’ve been noodling on for days, great techniques for getting out of my head and into my body, and the feeling like I’ve not only been heard, but truly understood. If you’re someone who, like me, has some big work to do in the world and need some help getting out of your own way, Audrey’s the best.”

Rachel Allen

Owner, Bolt from the Blue Copywriting

“Before working with Audrey, I was really confused about WHY I kept finding myself stressed, when I felt like I did “enough” to manage my stress already. Within one session, we got to places that have taken much longer with other coaches or therapists which surprised me. I feel like I gained a lot of clarity around what I really need to manage my stress in a healthy way. Audrey helped me slow down and connect to what was REALLY going on, and hear my own answers — they’re in there, and a great coach will ask you the right questions and help you find them. She totally did.

Audrey is truly a one-of-a-kind coach. She is just so chill and grounded and smart. She knows just what to say to shift your perspective and think about the problem you’re facing in a totally new way. She provides a safe, open space and just the right amount of support and pushing to help you both find the root of your stress and create an innovative way of fixing it.”

Jamie Jensen

Writer, Entrepreneur and Educator

“In working with Audrey, I found a keen listener, someone able to really hear the underlying message to my situation and words. I also found a skilled practitioner, someone able to stay with me while I moved through my emotions, helping me stretch into what might be possible. Together we crafted next steps from my shifted perspective and hopefulness – they feel just right as I’ve stepped into them.

Even though the topic of our conversation was on a very familiar topic for me, Audrey was able to help me find a new and very useful perspective. I’d absolutely recommend her if you are feeling like you’ve explored it all and haven’t found a way through. Audrey is a trustworthy and top notch practitioner, a coach who brings incredible skill, humility and support while never forgetting her oh so crucial humor. Our time together was right on and a real treasure.”

Molly Morrissey

Traditional Astrologer & Guide

“Here’s the thing about Audrey. She wants to get to the root of the problem to help you move forward permanently. She’s not interested in surface-level stuff, her work digs deep and the benefits are long-lasting and eye-opening. She has a very clear way of explaining things and she’s committed to having her clients feel better and having more clarity by the end of a session. Before my sessions with Audrey I was stressed and nervous. Now I am a different person: clear-headed, confident, happy.”

Maria McBride

Founder and Owner, Hometown Sweat

“Audrey guided our conversation confidently and she knew how to get to the heart of the issue. She is the type of person you want by your side. She is personable and truly cares, and her enthusiasm for coaching shines through.”

Jessica Hardin

Interior Designer and Organizer

“I teach women how to use writing as a tool for personal growth, but still, sometimes my practice needs a little boost to get back in flow. That’s where Audrey comes in. She listens with generous curiosity, lobbing insightful questions that help me bust through the scrambled churn of swirling thoughts that have been known to run on infinite loop in my mind. With compassion, a side of delicious wit, and abundant support, she can help me get to the essence of what I need to look at and move forward on. I always feel better when I talk to Audrey; she’s kinda magic that way.”

Deb Cooperman

Writing Practice Educator

“Audrey, our coaching session is a couple of days ago, and it still resonates with me like beautiful music… your precise intuition allowed me to see where I was standing in my own way. Your observations were to the point, yet always caring and supportive. You opened a window where I only saw a wall. Thank you.”

Rima Nouri

Coach, Elegant Alchemy

“When I started working with Audrey, I was going through a lot of big life changes. I had my first session with Audrey a couple weeks after I moved to SF, and I was so grateful to have her help me through the transition. I was staying with a friend while I looked for an apartment, and I was very stressed out during the process. Audrey was encouraging and supportive and very perceptive! She helped me to break things down so that everything wasn’t so overwhelming. I found her reflections to be particularly helpful because sometimes I was unaware of the language I was using or the tone of my voice. I really appreciated her perspective on what I sounded like, especially when mine was negatively skewed. I found talking things out to be very therapeutic as well as the various exercises she suggested.

Based on what I wanted to focus on, she would come up with a written, a visual, or a meditative exercise. I really benefited from these coaching sessions because I found myself letting go of worries and habits that didn’t serve me. Audrey helped me recognize exhausting thought patterns, and by increasing my awareness, I was able to be more mindful of what I was thinking about.

After a few sessions, I had what felt like a major break through. There was an issue that kept coming up, and once I was able to address it, Audrey helped me come up with ways of dealing with it. Just being able to acknowledge the issue was a huge deal to me, and now I feel confident that I will be able to recognize and handle similar situations in the future. I felt like I received great support, guidance, and reflections from Audrey, and I would definitely recommend working with her!”


“During the one-on-one sessions with Audrey we laugh together, we share, we cry and we dig deep.  I am incredibly grateful for Audrey.  She is smart, wise and full of light!

I find myself living in the moment more often, seeing the gift of even the ugliest challenges and feeling how strong I truly am, inside and out.”

“Before our session with you, I only had a vague idea of what it was that was holding me back. Even though I had done a lot of inner healing work, I thought that my continued struggles were connected to my need to do more reflection and healing. But your skillful questions on the call essentially helped me take inventory of the situation in a different way, and see that the constant seeking of external answers was actually getting in the way of my own intuition and knowing. 

I feel like we also walked away with a lot of clarity insofar as what was causing communication to break down in our day-to-day workflow, and what we needed to do to get more organized. By having you hold space and reflect back to us what was happening in our business, I started to see that the problems were not these huge, vague, insurmountable things, but actually very simple things that could be remedied by shifting our focus. 

It feels so good to feel confidence in what we bring, and to return to our own sense of knowing. It means that we can make strides from this rooted place that has nothing to do with external “shoulds” and everything to do with what we uniquely need to thrive in our day to day. Thank you for helping us ground in that clarity when we needed it most. “

Tessa and Alia, Founders of Core Philosophy and Working Softer

“Dear Audrey, 
I wanted to write and thank you for taking time last month to meet with our team. Your insights have been so helpful and I find myself trying to check in with myself much more often throughout the day. I also have a much greater respect for how my body physically processes stress which has led to me re-prioritizing my yoga and meditation practices. 
You are a GODDESS!”