What if self-care came without the guilt AND supported other people in turn? 

You know that self-care matters. But self-care is a tricky subject. What is responsible self-care versus being over-indulgent? Do you have to buy a bunch of bath bombs and essential oils? And what about feeling like a selfish and terrible human being for taking time out to “treat yourself” when so many other people are having a harder time than you?

And let’s be honest. You’re just so freakin’ tired. But you feel like you shouldn’t be. 

Let’s talk about something different. What if you were able to gather in community with a group of like-minded people in the same boat as you? What if you could relax and be guided instead of trying to figure things out? What if caring for yourself simultaneously helped you to also care for others?

It’s time to renew. Join us?


Renew is a virtual gathering for people want to do self-care differently than social media says we should. 

Every other Sunday, you, me, and a wonderful group of humans will gather together on Zoom. You’ll soothe your nervous system (and help soothe others’) through the simple act of sharing about your present moment. You’ll strengthen your immune system, soothe your frayed nerves, and energize your tired thoughts through movement, meditation and visualization. You’ll leave each gathering with a connection to your Operating System while supporting others to do the same.

In between our gatherings you’ll have access to a growing library of practices, perspectives, and tools to support you as well as the community that has your back at all stages of your journey.

Will you join us for $37 a month?

What Renew means to its members:

“It has been an anchor for me. A night for myself. A reminder in between sessions to take time (and that it is ok to take time) for stillness, quiet, calm, and my priorities. I receive so much knowledge and inspiration from Audrey as the leader, and I love connecting with the others and hearing we are all experiencing and working on similar things.”


Hi, I’m Audrey, and I’ll be your guide.

You have an incredible custom-designed Operating System containing, and not limited to, your nervous system, your body, your ancestry, your experiences, and the magical essence that is you. I believe that burnout, perfectionism, and the need to control is a direct result of society’s bullshit norms disconnecting you from your unique OS.

Renew was created to plug you back in through the power of community.

This group is grounded in my strong belief that showing up for ourselves, showing up for others, and declaring our truth is what changes not only us but the world around us. We are being called to do something different and to make an impact in a way that’s different from the status quo. This is more than self-care. This is how we’re meant to care in community as humans.

I believe deeply in this vision and I believe deeply in the people that are here for it.


What people say about Renew:

I have been trying all of the meditation apps and mindfulness has been my main focus for a couple months now, so this whole thing literally felt perfect for me. While I hoped to have the ability to maintain peace amongst chaos, I’m still very much in the place of figuring out what it is that I do really want in life, and this process helped me realize that I can gain those insights and clarity through such exercises as well. 

I also wanted to tell you that you are great at this! Something like this can often seem awkward and difficult to follow but you made it seem totally cool and easy! You definitely have a gift for this and I thank you so much for sharing it with me over this last week.”

I’ve received hand-written letters of gratitude and accounts of sharing meditation and movement techniques with family. Renew is not just for you and its members, it’s also for everyone your life touches.

If you have hopes for doing things differently, I support you. If you want to do things your way, if you want to create more space, if you want to honor your body and your capacity and your needs, I applaud you.

How does this work?

Every other Sunday evening at 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST we meet for 60 minutes on Zoom, check in with each other, and do a practice to release stress and create space. I offer tools to help soothe and stimulate the nervous system. After letting your system settle, we go through a connective meditation and visualization to tap into your inner knowing. Once you’re plugged into your fortitude, you each identify what you want to put less energy toward and release and put more energy toward and have more of. To close, you create a personal permission slip that you can use for your highest good.

A few days before each session, you receive an email with prompts to reflect on the past, land in the present, and dream for the future, so you have time to think about what you need and want and create a fresh vision for who you are and who you’re becoming.

You’ll also receive a meditation or practice on the new and full moons.

It’s important to continuously update your intentions as your life and circumstances shift. Some months you may make huge strides and feel like a superhero. Other months you may be psyched to brush your teeth each day. This consistent practice will ensure you recommit to yourself and your desires every single month in a way that works for you, is doable, and is supported by a community of like-minded folks. 

Got questions? Click here and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

How do I know if I belong in Renew?

This may be one of the biggest questions on your mind. Will you fit in? Is this gonna be a bunch of go-getters ready to tackle their to-do lists? Will this be a bunch of people super into astrology and all things “woo”? Is it clique-y? Who’s in this group? Let’s talk about it from the perspectives of what people have gotten out of it.

  • Letting go of rigid workout schedules to carve a new identity
  • Letting go of the need to know if something is the “perfect” next step
  • Saying no to obligations that aren’t in alignment
  • Letting go of the need to make other people happy
  • Looking in the mirror daily and saying “I love you and you are enough”
  • Setting boundaries around work and personal time
  • Being compassionate and taking time to understand and research a new diagnosis
  • Spending 5 minutes a day in meditation
  • Letting go of the need to fix other people’s problems
  • Setting boundaries in work environments that create chronic stress

Do these types of goals resonate with the way you want to move through the world?

Why gather and why the new and full moon? 

It may seem weird to recognize moon cycles but there’s a very specific reason behind it.

We orient to things outside of us all day every day that have been created by people. Days of the week are a man-made invention. So is when we work. The names of months are a man-made invention and even the calendar year. These things matter because so many of us put our attention on them and agree on them but there are other things we orient to that are not so universal.

What about man-made systems? What about standards of beauty? What about the value we put on people’s gifts and skills? What about measuring our worth by our productivity? These are concepts we accept as norms but aren’t actually grounded in truth. We constantly wrestle inside and outside of ourselves.

And then there’s the moon. No matter what happens, no matter what circumstances surround us, the moon is slow and steady and reliable. In Renew, we honor that truth and reliability in the moon and in ourselves together.

We gather every other Sunday evening at 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 5pm PST*. These are our 2021 dates. Each gathering will be recorded if you are unable to attend live and you’ll receive a prompt for the gathering and a reminder email before each gathering.


January – 10th and 24th
February – 7th and 21st
March – 7th and 21st
April – 4th and 18th
May – 2nd, 16th, and 30th
June – 13th and 27th
July – 11th and 25th 
August – 8th and 22nd
September – 5th and 19th
October – 3rd, 17th, and 31st
November – 14th and 28th
December – 12th and 19th *(this month is an exception due to the holiday)

Are you ready to jump in?


I totally believe in what you’re doing and I’m so happy to be able to participate. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

– Awesome Renew Member

The nitty gritty  

What’s included each month:

• Pre-gathering emails with inspiration, prompts, and expectations for the evening.

• 60 minute Zoom gatherings including movement, meditation, visualization, support, and a personalized intention for the weeks ahead.

• New moon and full moon rituals. 

• Collective group energy behind your intentions each month.

• Access to a growing library of movement practices, meditations, visualizations, and stress-relieving tools that can all be done at home.

• And more! Renew is constantly expanding its offerings and you can expect juicy surprises throughout the year.

How Your Renew Membership Works:

Your membership in Renew is paid-per-month and you can cancel at any time. Months are determined by the date when you register. For example, if you register on July 19th, your subscription will renew on the 19th of each month. If you cancel within the month, you will remain in the group until the close of that month (in this example, until August 19th).

Investing in Renew:

Renew is $37 a month. I acknowledge that not everyone has access to the same resources for a myriad of reasons and I work hard to keep my spaces inclusive and just. If investing in Renew feels like a good fit for you but you have financial concerns, send me a quick email and we’ll find a solution together. 

Refunds are not available for Renew so if you have any questions, please email me.


I like the idea but I’m a total introvert and it freaks me out to think about talking in front of a group of strangers.
Totally cool! You can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. People in the past have chosen to join without video, or just showed up and did their thing without talking out loud or even chatting in the chat box. There is no pressure to be anyone other than yourself at whatever level you feel comfortable.

I want to join but I’m financially strapped right now.
I’ve got you. This group is for everyone. Truly. If you are interested in Renew but have financial concerns, click here to send me a quick email and we’ll find a solution together.

Got more questions? Click here and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Ready to join? I’m so excited to have you.