Standing Still:

A virtual solstice circle for finding ease in the year ahead.

It’s been a helluva year.

We are all feeling the tension and stress of world events, personal challenges, and the pressures of the year as it closes. As holidays near, the pace of life inside of us and outside of us begins to move faster and faster until we feel like we’ve been hijacked by a force that we have no control over.

I’d like to invite you to stand still for a moment.

I mean it. Really Still.

What do you notice?

Do you feel restless? Annoyed? Is your day pulling on you to get your next task done?

Every time we stand still we have the opportunity to make a choice. To change direction. To do something differently.

From December 15th to December 21st with the help of the natural alignment of the planets, we’ll take 7 days to be still. To reflect. To release. To find ease. To move differently. 

Before you can find ease, you must experience ease. Before you can become grounded, you must experience being grounded.

With the chaos of the season swirling around us we will stand in the eye of the storm together in stillness and in calm. You’ll receive a daily recording of each session if you’re unable to attend the live circle. 

This circle was created from a universal desire to slowwww down.

Clients begin bracing for the stress of December as soon as summer ends. Conversations with friends are peppered with concerns about dealing with the end of the year. It seems that we all put our heads down and armor ourselves up to take the hit of the oncoming storm of the holiday season.

Can you relate?

I’m all about disrupting patterns that don’t serve us. And this is one of them. If we put aside all of the commercial noise and the weight of unrealistic expectations and the fast pace that doesn’t align with the pace of the natural world around us, December is actually a beautiful time of year to plant seeds within us that will bloom renewed and fresh in the new year.


Why the 15th through the 21st? What’s significant about that week?

The winter solstice on December 21st has the fewest hours of sunlight all year. The word solstice comes from Latin sol “sun” and sistere “to stand still” which references the apparent standing still of the sun in the sky. The solstice is the beginning of astronomical winter. It has been recognized by humans in some capacity since about 10,200 BC and has been the center of transitional traditions for many different people over the centuries.

The week before the winter solstice this year has also given us a tremendous opportunity with a last quarter moon falling on the 18th. This phase of the moon is a week after a full moon and traditionally signifies release. This is a great time to get rid of things that don’t serve us.

I can’t think of a better time to sink into the relaxation and the spaciousness that December offers us.

How is this going to work?

We will gather via video on Zoom at 7pm EST on Sunday December 15th for an hour. At the opening of our circle you’ll set an intention for what you would like to more fully integrate into your life in 2020 and what you would like to gently release from 2019.

No hard work. No self-development. No heavy lifting. It’s my promise to you. 

Each weekday at 9pm EST for 30 minutes I will guide you through a visualization or movement or meditation or story to help you more fully relax into a spacious evening. I’ll be recording each session and if you’re the journaling type you’ll have the option to write down your experience to build new neural pathways for the year ahead. 

When we gather for our final circle at 7pm EST on the winter solstice on Saturday you’ll have a new embodiment for the year to come and we’ll close our gathering with a clear feeling of 2020 in your body and a clear path in your mind. 

Why 7pm and 9pm you may ask? In the study of numbers, 7 is the number of safety, inner knowing, and rest while 9 is the number of magic and global consciousness. Practically speaking, an evening meeting will allow for intergration while you sleep and setting the intention with particular numbers in mind, whether you buy into it or not, is a powerful message to our subconscious. If you are on another timezone, no worries, the intention applies to you as well!

I will record the experiences from each evening so by the end of the week you will have a collection of audio recordings to reference anytime you need a refresher.

Doing this virtual work is a lovely way to hold a circle. You’ll be able to wear whatever you want, join from wherever you want, and surround yourself with all of the things that help you feel comfy and cozy. Each of us will come together from our own little safe cocoons and share the experience without any of the barriers physical spaces often create.

Do you have any other questions? Click here to send me a message.