If you had it your way, your to-do list would read something like this:

1. Overthrow business as usual.
2. Practice rampant badassery.
3. Change the fucking world.

But right now, the most exciting things on your list tend to be getting your haircut in a new way and rocking the hell out of a Netflix binge.

What no one knows is…

You spend more nights than you’d like to admit lying awake wondering, “What the hell happened to that life I was supposed to be living?”

You’ve read enough personal development books to manifest the shit out of things, and yet, for some reason, all those amazing things just aren’t happening.

And frankly, it’s starting to feel like your “Badass Inspiration” Pinterest board is mocking you.

Here’s the truth: that amazing, take no prisoners, shake shit up life you thought you’d be living by now? It’s still 100% on the table.

Wanting to feel stronger and more powerful is admirable.

Expecting to enjoy yourself more isn’t unrealistic.

And biting back a scream of frustration at the people who tell you to “get over it, it’s just how life is” is not an overreaction.

Thinking the status quo sucks doesn’t make you weird. It makes you ready for more.

You long to tap into the part of you that is sure-footed and steady. You want to feel that powerful magnetic center that keeps you tethered to yourself. You crave that deep knowing in your gut that that makes you feel like you can do anything.


“Audrey is a phenomenal coach. During out time together, she was encouraging and supportive, all the while guiding me to make changes that will help me live a more confident life. I left my session with Audrey with concrete action steps and knew exactly what my next move would be. She helped to realize just how easy it could be to reverse my thinking and my attitude.”

Danielle Prestejohn

“Audrey has a way of cutting through the emotional fog in my head with deep authenticity and palpable compassion that leaves me feeling astonishingly relieved, clear, and human.”

Mattie Clark

“Who Audrey is as a person really comes through in the conversations. She’s real. She swears. She talks about sex. She doesn’t act like she knows everything. She doesn’t give off the sense that because she’s a coach she has all her shit together. I love that approach because it makes me feel more comfortable to bring my whole self to the session and not feel like I will be judged. It also inspires me to be real in my own endeavors, which is something I’m working on.“

Ann Marie Carmichael

My deepest wish for you is…

To feel like a badass (leather jacket optional). To speak your mind truthfully, powerfully, and unapologetically. To go after your goals with an intense and deep-rooted conviction, even when onlookers roll their eyes. To tell the onlookers to enjoy the show.

I want you to wake up every day excited to do it all over again.

That thrill you’re feeling in your chest, those excited butterflies, that delicious feeling of “But what if?” — they’re telling you you’re ready. Ready for a life where you make the rules, speak your truth, and don’t care what the status quo has to say about it.

Here’s how it works:

You and I are going to come together to look at the things that are holding you back and help you develop the insights and skills to turn them into your greatest allies for moving forward.

The ultimate goal is to get you so grounded in yourself and your embodied genius that you not only know that you can handle whatever comes your way, but use it to reach your greatest, most audacious goals.

You should know:

There is no way to fuck this up.

Some people come to me worried that they have to go through a specific process of doing A, B, and C to be in a successful coaching relationship. Other people are worried that they’ll cry, or that they won’t, and I’ll think that’s weird or witholding. And other people are worried that I’m going to go all Bootcamp Life Coach on them and force them through some preset system that they’re not 100% on board with.

That’s not how I roll. I know that you can do this. And I’m going to find a way to get you to realize it too, no ass kicking required.

You just gotta show up honest, as you are. It’s my job to hold the borders of our sessions to make sure you get what you need out of it.

There is nothing too big, too small, too boring, or too crazy.

Got an entire lifetime’s worth of stressed and scared to deal with? We can do that. Feel like you have to get to your “core wound” before we can move forward? Go for it, if you want to. You can meaningfully move forward with me in the meantime. Feel generally disorganized, thrown by the day to day, and irritated with mundane life stuff, like annoying co-workers or your partner’s bad habits? We can do that too.

Again, you just gotta show up with what you got. It’s all fodder for our work. (And spoiler: it’s all related.)

I’ve got you.

I’ve got the training, presence, empathy, and incredible openness to the spectrum of humanity to be with you whatever comes up, to hold the boundaries we need to hold to get you where you want to go, and to be absolutely cool with wherever you are.

The details:

Our work together will unfold over the course of three months. We’ll get on the phone for an hour once a week, and during that time, we’ll check in, see where you are, and work toward the priority for that particular call. At the end of each call, we’ll decide on an action for you to take to move forward before the next call –– and you’ll have email access to me in between calls in case you’re struggling.

$2280 investment, payment plans available. Scholarships available.*

It’s not necessarily easy, but it is that simple. You show up and do the work for three months, and your life will look totally different.

Book a free consult with me so we can explore what your life could look like three months from now.


*The one-on-one work I do is powerful and I want to ensure that it is accessible to people that resonate with it. I offer a few sliding scale options for people of color, LGBTQIA+ and people in true financial need. If you’re interested in a partial scholarship please contact me via my contact form and I will respond with my availability and next steps.

Have more questions? Email me here.