Welcome to Emerge

It’s time to stop hiding and show up as your fullest, most awesome, not-perfect self.

If I was to guess what’s on your secret to-do list it would read something like:

1. Speak your mind without apology.
2. Overthrow business as usual.
3. Change the fucking world.

But right now, you’re spending a lot of time dealing with everyone else’s problems, wondering what others are thinking about you, and hoping that your precariously constructed life doesn’t come apart at the seams.

What no one knows is…

You spend more nights than you’d like to admit lying awake wondering, “What the hell happened to that life I was supposed to be living?”

“Before Audrey, I thought that walking around half strung-out and weirdly worn down was just … you know … entrepreneur life. I just didn’t know it was possible to live another way and still be able to stay as ambitious and dedicated to my work as I am.

Audrey completely turned my world around — from our very first call, she gave me tiny, incredibly effective tools to instantly shift my stress and anxiety levels. She then followed that up with practices that allow me to work and feel my best, instead of sacrificing one for the other.

What’s more, she just gets me. I call her my burnout Jedi for how seamlessly she’s able to get what I’m going through and help me turn things around. Highly, highly recommend her!”

Rachel Allen

Principal, Bolt from the Blue Copywriting


You’ve read enough personal development books to manifest the crap out of things, and yet, for some reason, all those amazing things just aren’t happening.

You tap the heart every time you see a meme about not measuring your worth by your productivity on IG but you’re still burning the candle at both ends.

You’re starting to wonder if that if your detail-oriented point of pride is actually your Achilles heel.

Here’s the truth: that amazing, take no prisoners, reject the status quo life you thought you’d be living by now? It’s still 100% on the table.

Wanting to feel more chill and less anxious is admirable.

Expecting to enjoy yourself more isn’t unrealistic.

And being tired of jumping in to fix everything for everyone is not an overreaction.

Thinking the status quo sucks doesn’t make you weird. It means you’re ready to emerge.

It’s time to stop listening to what everyone else says and it’s time to tap into the part of you that is sure-footed and steady. It’s time to stop measuring your success by someone else’s standards. That deep knowing in your gut that that makes you feel like you can do anything is ready for you.



“Here’s the thing about Audrey. She wants to get to the root of the problem to help you move forward permanently. She’s not interested in surface-level stuff, her work digs deep and the benefits are long-lasting and eye-opening. She has a very clear way of explaining things and she’s committed to having her clients feel better and having more clarity by the end of a session. Before my sessions with Audrey I was stressed and nervous. Now I am a different person: clear-headed, confident, happy.”

Maria McBride

Founder and Owner, Hometown Sweat

Here’s how it works:

We’ll start by taking an inventory of your past, present and future. You’ll get a clear picture of your present moment, what has worked, and not worked in the past, and what your vision for the future entails. We’ll identify the Perfectionist Archetype you most closely align with.

Then, instead of tackling the problems you’ve been trying to wrangle with perfectionism, we’re going to interrupt that habit with the help of neuroscience.


 Stop fixing. Start noticing.

You see, perfectionism is a distraction. It’s a way of keeping you unplugged from the most powerful resources you have –yourself, your attention, your energy, your focus, and your creativity.

The ultimate goal is to get you so grounded in yourself and your embodied genius that you not only know that you can handle whatever comes your way, but use it to reach your greatest, most audacious goals.


“I’ve caught myself just feeling happy. I did the Noticing Practice with one hand on my chest and one on my belly, and registered a simple ‘happy.’ WOW, it’s been a while since I felt that way!

It literally feels like the stars are aligning. I feel a mixture of relief and disbelief that I am the type of person to whom this could happen… I just always admired/looked up to people who got to do the sort of thing I get to do right now, and it’s kind of nice to realize – oh, wait, I AM that person. ”

Client Noticing Practice Reflection

Then what?

Through the four part Fortitude & Flow® Process, you’ll discover the simplest way to create lasting change in your life is right-sized action- no perfectionism in sight. By gently cycling back and forth between establishing Fortitude and creating Flow, you’ll begin to live your life based on your own unique brain and body’s design.

You should know:

There is no way to mess this up.

Some people come to me worried that they have to go through a specific process of doing A, B, and C to be in a successful coaching relationship. Other people are worried that they’ll cry, or that they won’t, and I’ll think that’s weird or witholding. And other people are worried that I’m going to go all Bootcamp Life Coach on them and force them through some rigid prescription that they’re not 100% on board with.

That’s not how I roll. I know that you can do this. And I’m going to find a way to get you to realize it too, no ass kicking required.

You just gotta show up honestly, as you are. I am the gentle guide that makes sure we stay on track to and uses your desired results as our North Star.

“Audrey has a way of cutting through the emotional fog in my head with deep authenticity and palpable compassion that leaves me feeling astonishingly relieved, clear, and human.”

Mattie Clark

There is nothing too big, too small, too boring, or too crazy.

Got an entire lifetime’s worth of stressed and scared to deal with? No problem. Think your challenges are too small to be worth addressing? They’re not. Feel generally disorganized, thrown by the day to day, and irritated with mundane life stuff, like annoying co-workers or your partner’s bad habits? Bring it all.

Again, you just gotta show up honestly with what you got. It’s all fodder for our work. (And spoiler: it’s all related.)

“Audrey’s real. She swears. She talks about sex. She doesn’t act like she knows everything. She doesn’t give off the sense that because she’s a coach she has all her shit together. I love that approach because it makes me feel more comfortable to bring my whole self to the session and not feel like I will be judged. It also inspires me to be real in my own endeavors, which is something I’m working on.“

Ann Marie Carmichael

I’ve got you.

I’ve got the training, presence, empathy, and incredible openness to the spectrum of humanity to be with you whatever comes up, to hold the boundaries we need to hold to get you where you want to go, and to be absolutely cool with wherever you are.


I’ve never hired a coach before. How does coaching with you work?

Coaching is a partnership. I have over a decade of experience and thousands of hours of learning focused specifically on one thing – the most effective and powerful way to help you create the change you desire. Think of me as a guide that has taken hundreds of people just like you through a very familiar journey. I know where all the rocks are, I know how to handle the pitfalls, and the parts that might scare you are old friends to me. Based on the North Star Inventory you send me at the beginning of our work together, I keep us consistently moving closer to your goals. Even when you can’t see the sky, I’ve taken this walk so many times you can relax and know that we’re walking the perfect path for you.

Logistically, each session we start with the Noticing Practice to ground and drop into the reality of the moment. I’ll ask you about how the previous week of practice went for you and note the successes and challenges. Then we get right into the four part framework. At the close of our session, we’ll decide on what you will focus on or practice and decide on what kind of email support will best keep your momentum high.


Are you telling me that two months is enough time to address a lifetime of perfectionism?

When you make up your mind, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you get the right support. You won’t have any space for indulging in the b.s. and distractions you’ve probably been dragged into in the past and you’ll know exactly what to focus on each week. Once you start to feel the freedom that is on the other side of perfectionism, you won’t want to go back. Many of my clients work with me for two months and then continue on in their lives using the tools we’ve built together.

The majority of my clients love the work we do together so much that they choose to continue on after the initial two months through Emerge Continuum and that is also great. I’m supportive of the path that best supports you and your goals.

Do you only work with perfectionists? I’m interested in working with you but I don’t consider myself a perfectionist.

The only requirement for us working together is that we’re a good fit!

I’ve got kids and a busy job and a full plate – what can this do for me?

Busy people working with two or more kids is a common clientele for me. I’m obviously not a miracle worker and I won’t be able to magically create extra hours in your day or promise you that all of a sudden working full time and raising kids is going to be a blissfest. However, you will feel like you’ve magically found time when you stop indulging perfectionist drama and start honing your focus. The work we do together is not going to take up extra time during your day or require you to do hours of meditation. The practices will be woven throughout your day and are meant to help you interact with your current circumstances differently, and feel differently within them. It’s very common for clients to see different and new opportunities they couldn’t see before. The intention is to shift the orientation and experience within your body and your nervous system while also examining the ways that you do use your time and making adjustments that are as in alignment with what you need and want as possible.

How do I know if coaching will work for me?

Think about me like a personal trainer at the gym. I’m going to take you through the circuits to build the muscles you want to build, decrease the pain you’ve been tolerating, and increase your resilience and confidence. However, I’m not going to lift the weights for you. And you’re going to have to show up to that gym every day and put in the effort even when you want to drag your feet and come up with excuses. I will gently keep you moving forward, but I’m not going to force you into anything you are reluctant to put the time and effort into.

If this metaphor excites you and you are like “FUCK YEAH, COACH LET’S DO THIS” then we should definitely talk.

When you are ready to dedicate yourself fully to your own unique path, embrace that fact that you are not perfect AND you’re going to create a kick-ass life anyway, working with me can be a great fit.

I can’t afford this level of time and money commitment right now. Do you offer other packages?

If we’re a good fit to work together, there may be other options available. Schedule a time to talk and let me know where you’re at in the intake form.

“During the one-on-one sessions with Audrey we laugh together, we share, we cry and we dig deep.  I am incredibly grateful for Audrey.  She is smart, wise and full of light!

I find myself living in the moment more often, seeing the gift of even the ugliest challenges and feeling how strong I truly am, inside and out.”

The details:

Our work together unfolds over the course of two months. We get on the phone for an hour once a week. At the end of each call, we create an experiment for you practice between calls –– and you’ll receive email prompts and email access to me to support your change and address any challenges. 

  • The first session is 75 minutes to allow for questions and going over our agreements in working together. After that, we chat for 60 minutes, once a week for two months (8 sessions total).
  • We’ll meet via phone or zoom without video if you’re international. I encourage clients to move around and be comfortable in any way that works for them and video isn’t great on the go.
  • After each session, you’ll have a specific practice, focus, or action you’ll be taking which I’ll check-in on via email and will be available for any questions or clarifications in between sessions.
  • The day before each session, I’ll send a check-in email so you reflect on the week, can prep for our call and get the most out of our live time together.

In short, you get a lot of access to me! We’ll do a combination of fortitude building to increase your conscious awareness around reactions that are running in the background as well as encouraging flow by creating specific actions to address the important priorities that are not currently getting your energy. It’s focused work for those two months and as one client put it best – “It’s not easy, but it’s not draining. It’s the kind of work you know has a positive and satisfying pay-off.”

Emerge is a $4700 investment and payment plans are available.*

Emerge is not necessarily easy, but it is simple. You show up and do the work for two months, and your life will look totally different.

What would be possible for you if your perfectionism was no longer running the show?

Book a free F.L.O.W. Assessment: Foundation, Limits, Opportunites, and What’s Nextso we can explore what your life could look like two months from now (and beyond)!

*The one-on-one work I do is powerful and I want to ensure that it is accessible to people that resonate with it but may have limited financial resources. I offer a sliding scale options for people of color, LGBTQIA+ and people in true financial need. If you’re interested in exploring this option please contact me via my contact form and I will respond with my availability and next steps.

Have more questions? Email me here.


My deepest wish for you is…

To feel like you can show up as yourself. To speak your mind truthfully, powerfully, and unapologetically. To go after your goals with an intense and deep-rooted conviction, even when onlookers roll their eyes. To tell the onlookers to enjoy the show.

I want you to wake up every day excited to do it all over again.

That thrill you’re feeling in your chest, those excited butterflies, that delicious feeling of “But what if?” — they’re telling you you’re ready. Ready for a life where you make the rules, speak your truth, and don’t care what the status quo has to say about it.